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Completing the Volunteer Application Form is the first step to become  STaR Volunteer.  Once your application is reviewed, we will contact you and walk you and let you know if you should schedule a Volunteer Orientation Session. Although you can schedule your own Volunteer Orientation Session online, please do not do so until you have heard from us. We can only accommodate 10 volunteers per orientation, and to avoid delays we prioritize orientation for those who have already been pre-approved to volunteer. 

The (Important) Legal Stuff


This does seem obvious, but we do expect everyone completing a Volunteer Application Form to provide accurate information to the best of their knowledge, and to have considered whether volunteering in an equine therapy program is right for them having regards not only to personal preferences, but also to any physical and emotional limitations. You know yourself better than we do!




It is a condition of volunteering with STaRS that volunteers sign a Release.  Safety is our number one priority and we work very (extremely!) hard at providing a safe environment for everyone involved.  However, there are inherent dangers associated with working with horses and just being in a horse riding facility, and so we need to make sure everyone is aware of the risks and voluntarily assumes them.  We hope you will understand!




The maintenance of confidentiality is a key requirement of  being a volunteer/staff at STaRS.  The purpose of confidentiality is to safeguard personal information about individuals associated with STaRS.  We have a zero tolerance policy when it comes to abiding by STaRS' confidentiality policy, which is as follows: 


Confidential Information: This is any information that could identify a person participating in any STaRS program.  This could  include but is not limited to their name, address, phone number or any physical, personal, health, family or financial                information.


Individual and Family Records:  This includes any or all written or printed lists, records, files or data pertaining to participants of STaRS programs or STaRS staff and volunteers.



  • No policy on confidentiality can be established which will fit all needs and circumstances.  It should be stressed that the maintenance of confidentiality requires tact, common sense and an appreciation of privacy;


  • Volunteers and Employees have an obligation to safeguard an individual’s right to confidentiality with regard to Confidential Inoformation and Individual and Family Records.  This can refer to any information that is spoken, printed or written;


  • Access to Confidential Information is limited to authorized staff or individuals, including volunteers, with a “need to know” in order to carry out their duties; and


  • Volunteers and Employees will be given a copy of the confidentiality policy and be asked to acknowledge that they have read it, understand it, and will carry it out.



Thank You For Wanting to Assist Us!

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