Become a STaRS Rider

Become a STaRS Rider


We are always accepting new riders into our programs!


However, given the very individual nature of the needs of each STaR rider, there is a little bit of work that needs to be done on the front end. This will ensure the lesson is not only safe but benefial to the rider and his or her needs.  We outline below what is required prior to that very exciting day when the rider gets on a horse. We have also provided links to some forms to facilitate the process. If you have any questions, feel free to give us a call! We are here to help. 


Step 1: Physician Referral & Other Forms


The first step to joining our program is to obtain a physician's referral.  This is to ensure that therapeutic riding would be safe and beneficial.  We suggest that this be done before other forms are completed, as if therapeutic riding is not endorsed by a Physician, we will not be able to assist you.  Once you have the physician referral form completed, you will also need to fill out a few other forms. The required forms and some information forms can be found here:


Physician Forms








Please note that we have included in the Physician Forms a cover letter with some information about the program and therapeutic riding, and also a list of Contraindiciations and Precautions for the Physician to consider.  Please deliver all three documents to the Physician with a request that they complete the forms, and return them to you or to us. If they are sending the forms directly to us, please ask them to notify you when this is done. This will avoid delays in your submitting the additional forms required below.



Other Forms


Given the nature of therapeutic riding, we also require that riders sign Releases to protect us, horse owners, our staff and our volunteers. There are different forms of Releases depending on whether the rider is a child or an adult.


We also ask all of our riders and caregivers to consent to the use of their image to promote our program and to assist in fundraising efforts. As they say, a picture is worth a thousand words, and we find that by showing what we do we are much more effective at conveying the importance of the program. If you have found the images on this site to be inspiring, please consider allowing the use of your image for future purposes. We may never use it, but it is much easier to ask everyone for the release than to have to retroactively seek it each time we propose to use one.









Once the forms are filled out, please return to STaRS by mail, fax or in person.  The forms will then be reviewed and if we determine the rider could benefit from therapeutic riding, he or she will be added to our waiting list, and will be contacted by us once a spot becomes availale.  Clients have been waiting between one month and over a year depending on the needs of the lesson and availability.  If you have availability during the day on weekdays, then your wait will be much shorter. 



Step 2: Intake


Once a suitable spot becomes available, the rider will be asked to come in for an assessment to determine goals, needs, volunteers, lesson length and frequency.   The assessment is a one time off-horse appointment and costs $40 for 30-45 minutes. This is an opportunity for riders and caregivers to tour the barn, and we will sit down and discuss the program, facility, and goals/objectives for yourself/your child. Wear comfortable clothing that can get a bit muddy, as barns can be dirty!





We have tried to make this process as simple as possible but we appreciate that questions may arise. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact our  STaRS Program Coordinator at (604) 417-0446.



We Look Forward to Seeing You!


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