Our STaRS Horses

Our STaRS horses come in all shapes, colours and sizes.  What they have in common, however, are their giant hearts,  gentle dispositions and steady pace.  This means that for each unique individual who rides, we are able to find the best equine match to attain whatever goals the rider has, and to maximize the additional benefits brought by bonding with a special horse.


Blessed with a unique and striking appearance and a fantastic temperament, Sprite is a favourite amongst STaRS riders, instructors and volunteers. And he knows it :) This veteran Appalloosa boy is described by one of his favourite riders (and biggest fan) as "absolutely one-in-a-million" and "overall, just the best pony".  Having been a STaRS horse for many years now, he has been instrumental in teaching our riders and allowing them to develop and achieve their dreams - including competing! Sprite loves treats, especially when they come from his regular riders. 

Becca Bear 

Becca Bear (nee Rebecca), an adorable dark bay Shetland pony, is a tiny pony with a giant heart. Despite being the smallest of our STaRS ponies, Becca Bear has a larger-than-life personality, and is not shy about sniffing people's pockets looking for treats (she knows she is cute!). Used by many of our younger riders, Becca Bear is an indispensable member of our roster.


You will easily recognize our Norwegian Fjord pony with his cool dude mohawk, distinctive buckskin colour and dorsal stripe (and depending on the season, with his lightning bolt "cutie mark"). Teddy aka "Ted Bolt"  is a well loved STaRS pony! He is definitely a fan-favourite at the barn, and despite his nickname, is great with his STaRS riders, knowing how to be extra gentle and courteous with them.


This charming pony is one of the newest additions to the STaRS roster.  However, you would not know it. His looks as well as his kind and gentle demeanour melt everyone’s heart.  He is learning how to stand steady on the mounts and is doing such a great job. Austin is fitting in so well and is already developing a little fan club. 


Although this cute little pony is one of our youngest STaRS ponies, he is reliable, kind, and steady. He is learning to be patient with the “mounts”. Every child who comes to the barn wants to ride him. He is especially valuable for the more advanced riders who are able to “do more” with their riding. 


Our newest addition, Elska (Icelandic for love) is a sweet Icelandic pony with the best hair in the barn.  She is still learning the ropes but has already found a place in the hearts of our community.  More than anything, she loves scratches and will often try to return the favour if you find a sweet spot.  She is also very communicative and will call out hello to every horse she sees out on a road walk.  She is not that fond of standing still but we are helping her learn how to be present in whatever moment she is in.

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