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Therapeutic Riding

Southlands Therapeutic Riding Society (STaRS) began as a dream in the early 2000's, and through the dedicated efforts of a core group of volunteers, became a reality. We are a Canadian Therapeutic Riding Association (CANTRA) certified facility that offers a therapeutic horseback riding program to children and adults with special needs who require alternative forms of therapy to aid in their physical, cognitive, emotional and social development.


Our aim is to inspire confidence and purpose within our riders, while helping them reach their behavioural, emotional, or physical goals. For our students, riding is so much more than a recreational activity. Horses have 110 natural movements that are difficult to replicate by machine or the human body. Additionally, the bond created between horse and rider creates a trusting relationship that the rider may not experience elsewhere in his or her life. This allows for increased self esteem and confidence, which the rider can then take with them into their daily life. Riding also allows individuals to practice planning, safety, and awareness, among so many other things. Our riders and their families have noticed significant improvements in their skills, confidence and sense of self worth since starting the program.

The power of the horse... Absolutely amazing!

What Our STaRS Riders Gain?

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