It takes a village of donors to provide Therapeutic Riding to those who need it. Comprised of a diverse group of committed individuals and organizations united by a strong thread of generosity, our precious village of generous STaRS donors are the financial backbone of our organization. Whether donating money or products for our fundraising auction, sponsoring a horse or donating services, they allow us to make therapeutic riding affordable to those who need it. 


Our STaRS Donors

Become A STaRS Donor!

We are always looking for new donors to join our roster of STaRS donors. No amount is too small (or too big!).  We have a number of different sponsorship opportunities outlined below, but are also always glad to receive any donation. We are a registered non-profit charity, and will issue tax-deductible receipts for donations of $20 or more. 




It costs approximately $10,000 per year to keep a horse, and hence this is by far STaRS' biggest expense. To offset this large cost, we have created a special category of sponsorship that will be available to a limited number of donors (we only have one sponsor per horse).  In exchange for an annual payment of $5,000, the sponsor will be able to select one horse and to have:


(a) the sponsor's name placed alongside with the horse's name on the stall, where it will be visible to all visitors (we have fairly high traffic at the barn, since it is also used for Pony Meadows and to host children's birthday parties), on this website, and on all STaRS materials featuring the sponsored horse;


(b) saddlepads made with the sponsor's name and used anytime the sponsored horse is used for a STaRS ride;

(c) premium acknowledgment on STaRS' AGM and annual fundraisers

(d) a photoshoot by Jennifer Maynard at a day of your choice with your sponsored horse, and the right to use the image on your own promotional and marketing materials; and


(e) a charitable donation receipt for $5,000.


If you are interested in sponsoring a STaRS horse, let us know!

Sponsor a STaRS Horse - $5,000


Sponsor a Bursary - $1690 for six months (30 minute lessons 1x per week)

In our ideal world, we would like to be able to provide therapeutic rides to everyone who could benefit from them. Although we strive to keep our programs as affordable as possible, sometimes this cost is unrealistic for our families.


One of our primary fundraising goals is to provide bursaries to those who are unable to pay for their own lessons.  Each bursary extends for a period of 6 months and covers either partially or completely the costs of the riders' lessons during that time (depending on means and needs). 


You will also receive a charitable donation receipt for $1690.

Sponsor a Single Lesson - $65 or $90

Your gift of $65 or $90 will provide one therapeutic lesson for 30 minutes or 45 minutes, respectively. 


Adaptive Equipment Fund

In order to accomodate as many types of riders as possible, we need to purchase specialized adaptive equipment. By donating, you are helping ensure the safety and comfort of our riders throughout the lesson.

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